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Intense fears and phobias don’t come alone. There are many thoughts and feelings going on around it, like self criticism. Or hurt and anger related to others for their criticism or ridicule of you. And a sense of loss regarding what was missed out on due to the fear.

The fear can stop you from going about your life normally. You may have thought about or actually tried to get rid it. But you need to feel really safe.

Work safely with EFT

What I really love about this technique is that we can tackle the severest of fears in a way that you barely notice it was scary:

“Have you ever had the luck to meet a nurse who was just chatting to you before the injection? I had. To my surprise she let me know it was already done. I didn’t notice when the bad part happened. With EFT the experience is something like that, though the method is different.”

EFT tapping is a great way to reduce the intensity of emotions attached to a particular thought, memory or situation. For fears and phobias, this method works really well and comparatively, really fast.

Does it really work?

What do I do if I remain scared?

Fear is a useful emotion, especially made to keep you safe. So, till you feel sufficiently safe, fear will try to assist you. And that is great! It does what it is supposed to do.

EFT Tapping will help you to reduce emotional intensity of all thoughts, memories and current (social) situations that felt unsafe to you, connected to the fear you came to work on.

If you find yourself still scared, that simply means there is still a part of you that feels you are safer if you are scared. Is that much fear ok for you?

You can keep it like that, or work on removing that remaining fear as well.

You are in the drivers seat!

Help, my family member wants to adopt a dog!

Ai, I can imagine that feels like a very challenging situation if you are scared of dogs. What is it that you would like for yourself? Do you need to set your boundaries, or would you like to be ok with a dog?

EFT sessions can help you explore what you want, how you would like to feel. Whether it is your difficulty in being understood or overcoming your fears.

What if a new scary experience happens?

Scary experiences can really set us back, and that is how you probably acquired the fear or phobia in the first place. If you have a new scary experience it is very much worth it to examine and process it using EFT tapping afresh. You may however find that it will not feel the same anymore, because you got the chance to learn from the last one.

Would you like to work on a fear or phobia?

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