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Clients who come to see me have so many different backgrounds and with themes crossing personal growth, wellbeing, health, work, relationships with those around them, including animals. The theme can be acute or long lingering.

In our sessions we explore what is going on now, tenderly take care of what drives it, and create the safe space needed for them to love and accept themselves anyway. 

Happiness? We are humans. Part of us is still looking for safety and unconditional love and complete acceptance of all the unacceptable & unaccepting parts within us.

Happiness lays in giving that space to yourself, paving the way for inner peace and a full cup to have plenty to give to others.

About EFT tapping

EFT-tapping is a scientifically proven method that helps you to handle your (difficult) emotions. It is based on western psychology and eastern medicine (acupressure points). By concentrating on your thoughts, memories and emotions that you wanted to work on, and simultaneously tap on a set of acupressure points, it is possible to let go of the emotions faster. You feel lighter in your body, and often further clarifying or lightening thoughts appear as if  by magic.

EFT can be used in almost any area, with endless possibilities. I work with people on their mental/emotional challenges around mental health, physical health, family, grief, anxiety, fears & phobias, depression, and also around career, business, money (stagnation or problems).

As former expat in India, I also work with expats.

Calm emotions & anxiety

Increase self condifence

Reduce or eliminate physical tension

Curious girl

Increase inner calm & peace

Adopt supportive beliefs

Reduce fear/anxiety & panic attacks

... You helped me dig deeper to understand all my childhood traumas which were the real issue, to keep me stuck in the past.  Just wanted to say that I noticed a real difference in my relationship with my parents and myself

Archana Shirsat,

22 December 2023

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Connect on Chat

  • Connect 

  • Receive intake form

  • Return intake form

  • Get link to book consultation call

Ringing Phone


Consultation call

The purpose of this call is:

  • To get to know each other

  • To understand what is going on for you and what you aim to get out of our sessions, based on what you wrote in the form. 

  • Get alignment on what you want

  • Explain the treatment plan

Pencil and notepad


Before starting

  • Confirm
    - Your agreement with the treatment plan
    - Appoinments for sessions

  • Pay as per agreement



Session / Program

​What you can expect

  • Further detailed intake, if required

  • Work following your priorities

  • Intuitive approach

  • Regular reviews of how we are progressing

  • Closing conversation


In between sessions:

  • Follow up on WhatsApp,

  • EFT tips, tapping sequences,

  • Personal support,

  • Exercises for at home as per requirement.

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