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About Mind/Emotion Coach

Mind Emotion Coach was setup initially in Mumbai, India, where I did mainly live sessions. After shifting to The Netherlands, Mind Emotion Coach relocated too. The majority of my clients still come from India, so I conduct mainly sessions online.

Do feel free to connect for in-person sessions too, if you are near Eindhoven, Netherlands.

About the practitioner

Maria Carolina Klep

Certified Accredited EFT practitioner (EFTi & Vitality Living College)

Even though I was trained as an Industrial Design Engineer (Netherlands), and as I was moving through a career in subsequently web-usability and sustainability consulting, I was always drawn to psychology, brains and human behaviour.

After some health incidents in 2018, I started doing research and learned about the mind-body connection, about how stress impacts the body, and how it is possible to remove stored stress patterns from long ago. That is when I chanced upon Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as one of the methods that could work on physical representation of stress, resulting in relief of physical discomfort and symptoms of depression among others. EFT appealed to me as it has proper peer-reviewed research, resulting in some science to show what it might be working on (and a little bit of 'how'), and has protocols for a safe and tested way of practicing. I also liked that it is accessible to 'lay people' for use at home. 

I tried it at home (many thanks to Nick Ortner's videos), and indeed I felt changes happening in my life. Small things like a headache disappearing, getting less upset over set-backs, it seemed to work. I approached a professional practitioner. More success. I decided to follow a seminar at Vitality Living College. Depression disappeared.

During training and my case studies I noticed that I enjoyed connecting with others in therapy setting, enjoyed to be with clients when they undergo their transformation, and that my sessions really can establish positive change. So I got certified as Neurolinguistic Programming Life Coach (2019) and of course got certified as EFT Practitioner (2020). I didn't stop practicing since.


I love working with people with animal phobias, anxiety/depression, health and family problems or may not know where to head with work. Beautiful are also sessions with those who seek deeper spiritual growth. I support everyone towards where they wanted to reach, which is often a deeper rooted feeling of self-love, love for others and a sense of safety.

When you don't find me doing EFT sessions or busy learning even more, I might be hanging out in nature, with animals or working on a creative project using the medium I feel attracted to at the moment.

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